Saturday, May 9, 2009

Virgin atlantic overbrand

Virgin Atlantic is an example or over branding or ego branding. "In isolation, these brand identities might do their work but the problem gets visible when they are placed side by side as shown here".

You tell me?

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Logos that make you barf

If I offend, I cannot apologize. These logos really are bad. Thanks to my friend Paul Rapp, who sent me this link

Enjoy ;)

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Logos for today's economy

My friend Darrin sent me these logos. Hilarious! Logos for the times. Enjoy.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where in the world did Namaro go for $55 a month?

No, your GPS isn’t broken. Namaro’s still here. We’ve spent the last year exploring ways to use the internet to help our business grow and decided to go virtual. Technology is at the point where this is not only possible, but can actually help you make your professional & personal lives more efficient.

If you’re considering going virtual, here are a few things to consider for just about $55 a month.

How do you handle business calls with more than one office location?
We settled on opened a business account for about $20 a month for international calls and set up phone numbers for each virtual office location ($30 a year per phone number). We purchased a Skype phone an option for Nadine (who’s on the phone all the time) to talk to clients when the computers are off.

So what do you get for this mere pittance?
- Free unlimited calls to other Skype numbers (skype-in)
- Unlimited international calls to non-Skypers (skype-out)
- Video calls or conferences
- Private and public chat
- Phone conference
- File and call transfers
- Voice-mail
- Call forwarding

It’s all a breeze. The sound quality is great. The savings are unbelievable. Give us a call at our new number 845 228 8858 (replaces 845-876-3009). Or, if your already on Skype, try us at namaroskype.

What if I need to send or receive a fax?
Set up an account with We use the $29.95 a year package and you get 150 received pages and 50 Send pages. You can set up an account and receive a fax number in minutes. They notify you by email when a fax comes in, then you can download the file as you would any other email attachment. When you need to send a fax, log in to their site, enter the number, upload a file, and you’re done. Our new virtual fax number is 914 652-2470.

How do I share files with my colleagues?
Since we use Time Warner Cable for our internet access, we set up a dedicated IP address on one main computer for $10 a year. All job files are located on that main computer. He set us all up with Timbuktu software that allows us to access the main computer. It’s highly secure. No one else can access the computer without the precise IP address and password information.

How can we keep track of projects so that everyone knows what everyone else is doing?
There are several sites dedicated to online project tracking. We use It costs about $20 a month. You can map out project milestones, assign tasks, create to do lists, send and store files, chat, create online presentations and post messages to all parties involved with the project. You get emails to keep you up-to-date on changes and check on the status of all ongoing projects anywhere you have an internet connection. And the best part about it is that your clients don’t have to pay for it.

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Namaro's new contact info

Phone number is 845 228 8858
Fax number is 914 652-2470
Skype-in name is namaroskype
Twitter is NadineRobbins

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The lighter side: top 10 virtual office advantages

1. No more bad hair days
2. Suntan breaks instead of coffee breaks
3. Go to the Bahamas on the money you save from not paying rent on the office!
4. Live in the Bahamas & check the status of your projects while sipping a frozen margarita.
5. Be home to get your kids off the bus.
6. Work when you’re inspired—5 to 9—instead of 9 to 5.
7. You have access to the fridge. Ok maybe this is not an advantage.
8. Save on gas.
9. Your lengthy commute is a world record.
10. Afternoon delight.

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NEF 2008 Year-To-Date Brochure

Our motto this year is to keep it simple. Clean, smart and clever design has more power in this noisy marketing environment. For this brochure, we took the iconic part of NEF’s logo, a house, and blew it up until you couldn’t recognize it on the cover. However, once you open the brochure the house is revealed. (Not giving all the answers to your reader on your brochure cover will entice them to open it up). NEF is offering new services that will secure their future in this business climate. They are getting back down to the core basics, a clean slate. A clean design, a fresh piece of paper and their logo creates a perfect metaphor.

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